10 Male Celebrities Who No Longer Look Their Age

What do you think is an x-factor for actors to succeed in the glamor business? Is it their age or their perceived age? Common! It’s a no-brainer. Certain male celebrities who look younger than their age, Tom Cruise for instance, can still play a teen and would pass off as that; nevertheless, not all stars are that lucky. The latter seem to be fast caught up by age due to a myriad of reasons: irresponsible decisions, career downfall, pure genes and erratic relationship dynamics, among others. Who all do you think made to the ‘unlucky ones’ list? Well, read on to find out.

10. Jason Segel

Jason Segel Male Celebritie who looks younger

Thanks to his roles in many comedy films, this ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star has an adorable and darling-like appeal on girls (and women too). But you would surely agree that Jason seems in his mid-40s mainly due to his face becoming less flabby than before and bearing a ginger beard. He’s actually 36 — almost 10 less than his apparent age.

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9. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp male celebrity who looks younger than his age

This ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ superstar and Hollywood heartthrob has had to endure three high-profile relationship splits before marrying an actress who’s more than 20 years younger to him. Man, this glitz and glamor can catch up with you real quick! So, now you know what’s made him grey quicker. Johnny, now 53, easily seems 60-something, doesn’t he?

8. Prince William

Prince William Male Celebrity Who Looks younger than his age

Though pure gentlemen at heart, Prince William’s hair hasn’t served him well enough to still make girls swoon. The Duke of Cambridge started suffering from hair loss few years ago after which he has purposely been going bald and has apparently embraced the fact that heredity has caught up with him quite early. He may pass as 40-something but he’s actually just 34.

7. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Male Celebrity Who Looks younger than his age

This dashing actor is one of the few male celebrities to be regularly voted as one of the globe’s most attractive men. Unfortunately, Brad recently split ways with Angelina, with whom he has six children. A combination of shattered relationship and a fast-paced lifestyle has certainly made him seem more lackluster and rather worn with time. Though he appears to be 60-ish, he’s just 52. Really, no joking!

6. Keith Richards

Keith Richards Male Celebrity Who Looks younger than his age

Though this ‘Rolling Stones’ guitarist-cum-songwriter is quite elderly compared to others in this list, saying that he looks older that his age would surely be an understatement. Keith has had regular run-ins with the law due to his excessive Heroin addiction. This 72-year old looks extremely fragile and tattered much like a 90-something elderly patient.

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5. Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thronton

Buzzes have been doing rounds for some time about this actor-cum-filmmaker-cum-musician undergoing plastic surgeries and Botox shots to preserve his age. This ‘The Boxmasters’ vocalist seems to be a superhero of sorts; he’s married six times and divorced five times. Woah, we commend his grit! Now, we know why he would easily pass off as a 70-something whereas he’s actually 61.

4. Clint Howard

Clint Howard Male Celebrity Who Looks younger than his age

Well, Clint doesn’t — and never ever — had killer looks and dashing personality but he surely has the filmography that would be a source of envy to many. His older sibling, Ron’s 62 but seems like he’s in his 50s; however, the equation reverses when we talk about Clint. He’s just 57 but seems way ahead of his years mainly due to his baldness and clearly visible skin lines.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio famous Male Celebrity Who Looks younger than his age

If there’s one superstar who has earned ‘the most romantic’ tag in Hollywood, it’s got to be Leonardo. His clarity and focus has to be praised. We mean not everyone can spent over three decades in the film industry and still remain a bachelor. His party-popping escapades are no secret and so is his chain-smoking habit. That’s the reason, we feel, his women-swooning, heartthrob looks are finding it tough to catch up with time. He’s actually 41 now.

2. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler famous Male Celebrity Who Looks younger than his age

The front man of Aerosmith, Steven is one of the most popular rock idols worldwide thanks to the four decades spent on the music scene. He, however, succumbed to the wild and reckless life dominated by drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption followed by rehab attempts. This has surely caught up on him. He seems more haggard, has wrinkled skin, deep eye bags, and freckled lips. He could be easily mistaken for 75-plus whereas he’s actually just 68. No kidding!

1.  Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin famous Male Celebrity Who Looks younger than his age

This one is the most outrageous of all, we’re sure. God knows how Macaulay, the once ‘Home Alone’ child star who was cuteness personified, turned into some sort of a chain-smoking, frail, older-looking adult. It seems post Home Alone 2, he had apparently vanished from the Hollywood scene until long after when he was in the news for drug run-ins and other not-so-cute demeanors. Reality check! He’s only 36 but his lackluster hair, wrinkled skin, and haggardly manner make him seem 50-something.

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