10 Best PUBG Weapons In Mobile – There Is A Weapon For Every Situation

PUBG Mobile Weapons Stats and the Best PUBG Mobile weapons list have been highly sought after ever since Battlegrounds came out on Mobile in 2018. So what are some of the best PUBG Mobile weapons you ask? Look no further as we have delved into the PUBG catalogue of the best assault rifles, Sniper rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and the myriad of attachments you can find in the game to bring you this complete PUBG mobile Weapons Guide.

Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it is commonly called, is an Online Battle Royale shooter. The game offers immersive and noteworthy gunplay mechanics along with thrilling action and innovative gameplay. The game boasts an amazing repertoire of weapons and ammunition that adds extraordinary levels of balance to the game.

So, amidst all the options available to you, one might certainly think that some of the weapons stand taller than the others when it comes to dealing a quick death to your opponents and serving you chicken dinner on a platter.

It is our pleasure to present to you this list of the standout best weapons in PUBG which you should definitely keep an eye out for when you are on the island. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Before we begin though, we must tell you that this list is in no particular order and these are just ten amazing weapons in this game. Also, weapons from the airdrop will not feature in this list. We have a separate section at the bottom of this page specifically for those.

1. M416 – Assault Rifle (arguably the most customizable gun in PUBG)

m416 pubg new state featured

The M416 is the most well-rounded weapon in the game. It is perhaps the best weapon in the game. The M416 offers a decent amount of damage at short and middle ranges. Pop on a Scope and you can even take down enemies beyond 400 meters with this stalwart weapon.

The best feature of the M416 though is the wide array of attachments you can throw on this gun. Attachments like the Tact Stock and Vertical Foregrip will counter all vertical recoil on this gun. There is very little vertical recoil, to begin with.

You can also add the Flash hider or the Silencer to conceal your location to enemies. Furthermore, try adding the Extended mag or the Extended quick draw mag to this gun and you have a weapon with you that will take good care of you till the very end.

2. AKM – Assault Rifle

AKM %E2%80%93 PUBG Best Assault Rifle

The AKM is an absolute beast weapon at close range. The fire rate on this weapon is underwhelming. Nu the weapon makes up for it with ridiculous damage. The weapon has an ungainly recoil pattern. Which means that it will take some getting used to before you can really master this weapon.

Once you have mastered the AKM, you will start raking up double-digit kill counts in no time.

To assist you in dealing with the AKM’s recoil issue, one of the most important attachments that you absolutely need to add to this weapon is the Compensator.

The compensator will reduce some of the recoil in the AKM and make it more manageable as a short to mid-range weapon.

Do not shy away from the AKM. Master it and make the island your hunting zone.

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3. UMP9 – SMG


The UMP9 is one of the most commonly found weapons in the game. It is pretty basic, to say the least, but where the UMP9 shines is in short range combat.

The UMP9 operates at a high firing rate and is an excellent option for the early game duels in Pochinki or Georgopol where you have landed along with several other players and you just want a reliable weapon to get you out of a tight spot.

Don’t get us wrong. The Assault Rifle is definitely your go-to weapon for most situations. But the easily found UMP9 along with the even more easily found 9mm ammo will surely get you out of a pickle at the start of the game.

If you choose to keep this handy, reliable gun along with you for the rest of the game, then you can add all sorts of attachments to it. Start with the Extended mag as you can use the extra 10 bullets that it offers to your clip size.

You can also add 2x,4x,3x and even the 6x scope to the UMP9. All in all the UMP9 shines as an all-around gun albeit a little weak in the damage dealt section.

4. Vector – SMG

Vector SMG

The vector is an interesting gun. For one it unloads its entire magazine into your target in under 1.5 secs. That kind of insane fire rate is terrifying at close range. The Vector is truly a short-range behemoth. This feature makes it one of the best weapons in PUBG.

However, the fire rate comes at a cost. The Vector’s magazine size is only 13. This is rather puny when you compare it with other SMGs, and ARs n the game. This means that you should make every bullet count when you are using the  Vector.

The Vector is primarily a short-range gun. The gun doesn’t offer much utility when you put it in mid to long range battles. So, if you are using the Vector, then make sure that you only use it when engaging opponents at close range.

The extended mag attachment is an absolute must when playing with the vector. With the extended mag on, the Vector’s ammo capacity increases from 13 to 25. This difference is tremendous and may end up being the difference between a kill and death.

The Vector also has one of the most forgiving iron sights in the game.

5. KAR98 – Sniper Rifle

KAR98 Sniper Rifle

The Kar98 is one of the best weapons in PUBG. This Long Range Sniper Rifle has amazing damage to add to the increased stability when firing at long ranges.

The gun is a bolt action Sniper Rifle. This means that you there will be a short delay between firing bullets as the gun takes time to reload itself. However, you can compensate this with ensuring that the bullet you fired is the only one you ever needed to as the Kar98 can confirm kill any targets with a headshot unless they are wearing the level 3 helmet.

This gun is the only real True Sniper option in the game as the AWM, which is an amazing gun, can only be found in Airdrops.

With the Kar98 and an 8x scope, the battlefield will be littered with the bodies of all those who were unfortunate enough to take a lazy stroll along your eye line. Try the Kar98. It truly is one of the best PUBG Weapons out there.

Add a compensator and an extended mag attachment to this gun and walk like a lion amongst sheep on the island.

6. Mini 14 – DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles)

Mini 14 DMR

The Mini 14 has the fastest bullet velocity amongst all the other DMRs in the game. This makes the weapon an excellent choice for long range combat. DMRs are weapons that take the best of both worlds from assault rifles and Sniper Rifles.

They have the large clip size and semi-automatic fire mechanics of ARs and the long-range combat ability of Sniper rifles. The DMR weapon category Is full of high utility weapons that will serve you well in both mid-range and long range combat.

The Mini 14 can also be upgraded with a number of attachments. The most important of those being the compensator and the extended mag. Also, keep an eye out for the 8x scope to truly turn this versatile PUBG Weapon into a true Sniper Rifle substitute.

7. S686 – Shotgun

S686 Shotgun

When you jump off the plane, pick a nice cosy spot for yourself to land in and are gliding down to your landing spot, nothing strikes more panic than seeing 2 more parachutes open up before you open yours.

This effectively means that the two head of you landed first and had first bite at the apple.

Your best bet would be to land away from these two and scavenge for whatever you can find lying around. If you are lucky you may run into an AR or an SMG. But more often than not you will find the humble S686 Shotgun.

Pick up this beauty immediately as it will definitely save your neck in those starting moments of the game when you may get swarmed by other opponents who landed before you.

The S686 does incredible amounts of damage even though its clip size is only 2. The thing is if you see an enemy ahead of you in short range, then don’t forget to tap the fire button twice in very quick succession. This way the gun will unload both bullets almost instantaneously, guaranteeing a kill for you right at the start of the game.

This is pretty much the only use for shotguns in PUBG. Quick escapes from sticky situations at the start of the game. Additionally, if you managed to kill one of the others who landed before you, then you should ideally steal their loot. This way you will end up with excellent loot and an early kill.

For this purpose, the S686 is the best out of all the Shotgun weapons in PUBG

8. SLR rifle – DMR

SLR rifle DMR

The SLR Rifle is the stand out DMR weapon in PUBG. This PUBG weapon is extremely overpowered and quite rare to find on the map. But should you find it, this is a must-have.

The gun has the highest damage output of all the DMR weapons in PUBG. Add to this the fact that this weapon has negligible recoil. A 10 round magazine. Support for any and all attachments. Excellent long range accuracy and the ability to bring down enemies at range with two headshots.

All in all, the SLR Rifle is an amazing weapon. Certainly one of the best weapons in PUBG. You can add any attachments to this weapon. There is no particular preference here. Everything works on this amazing weapon.

9. DP-28 – LMG (Light Machine Gun)


The DP-28 is spectacular at two things. Shredding squads and destroying vehicles. This weapon has a ridiculous 47 bullet ammo capacity.

This effectively means you have the liberty to stop worrying about ammo conservation and can absolutely unload lead on your opponents.

The gun has a few drawbacks though. The first and most obvious being the reduced fire rate. The DP-28 is quite slow to get going. But it more than makes up for this with its increased damage output. This gun does more base damage than the AKM and the stellar M249 Machine gun which is only found in Airdrops.

The DP-28 only supports the scope attachment. This lack of attachment options might limit the utility of the gun. But the DP-28 is still the best at what it does. Raining bullets on your target. It also has high bullet velocity making it a capable weapon for long range combat.

It also supports the 2x,3x,4x and 6x scopes.

10. Crossbow


The Crossbow is an extremely underrated weapon in PUBG. The weapon does not offer stellar fire rate or long-range combat ability. But what it offers is the ability to turn you into a ghost on the battleground.

The Crossbow is a completely silent weapon. Additionally, the Crossbow has a very high base damage. If you can truly master this weapon then it will only take one headshot to kill your target. Two shots to the chest will also do the trick.

The crossbow does support some of the basic attachments like scopes. If you can find the Ghillie suit, the Crossbow will make you virtually invisible in PUBG. But as mentioned before, mastering this weapon takes some time and patience.

The Crossbow has the steepest learning curves of all weapons in PUBG. But once mastered it is a great alternative to have with you.

PUBG Mobile Bonus Weapons – The Airdrop Weapons

From time to time, you will get the opportunity to raid an airdrop in battlegrounds. When this opportunity presents itself, keep in mind that there are a few assorted top notch weapons that are only found in the Airdrop.

They are some of the best the game has to offer, but they come at the price of having to risk your neck at the Airdrop. Should you get your hands on these weapons your chicken dinner is basically half cooked.

1. Aug A3

Aug A3

The AUG A3 is a crate only Assault rifle. The Aug A3 has similar stats when compared with the M416. The Aug A3, however, comes with a built-in scope. It also has a slightly higher accuracy than the M416. But considering how the M416 can support a variety of attachments, both guns are more or less similar.

2. AWM

awm pubgm featured

The AWM is the single greatest Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile. This weapon does humongous amounts of damage to enemies irrespective of whether they are armoured or not. The only drawback of the AWM is that it is a bolt action sniper rifle. Therefore you must make your bullets count.

Additionally, the AWM uses custom .300 bullets which are only found in the Airdrops along with the gun. You only get 20 of these bullets in the game. This makes ammo conservation all the more important.

3. Groza


The Groza does the highest DPS of all weapons in PUBG. This gun uses the 7.62 bullets. The gun has a very high rate of fire and very good damage output. The only drawback is the slightly hefty recoil. This is expected as the gun does so well in the Damage and Fire rate departments.

The Groza has been proven to be the best gun in the game. It can shred through an entire squad with relative ease. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of the pro players use this gun and you will realize why an opponent with a Groza is so fearsome.

4. M249


The M249 machine gun has the highest ammo capacity of all guns in PUBG Mobile. This weapon has an ammo capacity of 100. This is matched with an unbelievable fire rate. One of the highest In the game.

Add to this the huge dps that the M249 offers and you are looking at a ridiculous weapon. By now you must be wondering “what’s the catch?” Well, the catch is its near unmanageable recoil.

Of course, use it long enough and you will get used to the recoil. But it is a steep learning curve. Master it though and you have in your hands a weapon that is capable at long range combat, has high damage output and fires a hundred bullets in no time whatsoever. The M249 is truly one of the best the game has to offer.

These are some of the Best PUBG Mobile Guns and Attachments. Keep in mind that these weapons are best used with the right attachments. Whether it is recoil reduction or Extended Ammo Capacity, the right attachment will take your weapon to the next level.

We also have an extensive and somewhat exhaustive Beginners guide to PUBG mobile that you must check out if you are a PUBG Beginner. So practice hard and get down to cooking some chicken!

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