Top 10 Most Unbelievable Jobs in the World

“Do what you love and you will not have to work a day!” If only watching Netflix was an all-day job, right?

This dream is absolutely possible today!

2020 has proven that anything can be a full-time job if it is truly your passion. Whether it is sleeping or cuddling or even something adventurous like Waterslide your way into making cash, it’s all achievable.

Working regular 9-5 jobs is not the only way to earn big bucks. Have a look at these weird but wonderful jobs which people have opted for rather than their corporate counterparts.

These are some of the most amazing jobs around the world and they will astonish you! These offbeat job opportunities are incredibly exciting and extremely gratifying as well.

From drinking wine all day to designing and upgrading Disneyland, it’s all on the list! Here are some of the most unbelievable jobs in the world-

1.  Professional Cuddler

Professional Cuddlers Career

Can’t go one night without being cuddled? Do what you love and earn up to $30,000-$100,000 per year!

That’s right, this is taking the “Do what you love” to a whole new, calming level.

Japan has the rights to boast about the initiation of this trend as the first professional cuddle cafe opened in Japan a few years ago. In this short span, professional cuddling has spread its wings throughout the globe.

Professional Cuddlers work as freelancers and charge per hour. This job is not only satisfying but also fills your pockets.

2.   Sommelier


A sommelier is a trained professional who is well versed in the science of serving and tasting wines.

Typically seen in fine dining or gourmet restaurants of the world, a sommelier would be knowledgeable in the art of food pairing.

This profession enables you to try and taste the various wines in the world and decide which wine compliments the food item they are serving with it.

The job description itself makes this one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Imagine serving and tasting wines being your daily task and actually making money from it as well!

3.   Professional Netflix Watcher

Netflix watching job

How much fun would binge-watching your favourite shows be if you could even make money out of it?

How many times have you dreamt of making a future out of watching your much-loved TV Shows? Well, this dream is actually the reality of a Professional Netflix Watcher.

Your primary role as an employee of one of the biggest television companies in the world would be to watch and recommend the TV series which you most liked.

Literally Netflix and chill and get paid for it!

4.   Fortune Cookie Writer

fortune cookie writer

Every writer’s dream is to be hired in such an enterprise which will pay them to make other people happy. Fortune cookies typically contain little notes/messages about anything related to the reader’s future.

So, it’s the responsibility of the thousands of writers at the back office to write down these catchy one-liners which make other people react.

But to get this fun but high paying job, you will require a lot of creativity, imagination and people skills.

It’s a trend in the western part of the globe wherein the people place a lot of trust in these words. So, to generate special content every day which makes the person reading it exalt is a wondrous job.

5. Luxury bed tester

What is more comfortable than a soft luxury bed and rolling around on it? Believe us, this is actually a profession!

Testing out luxury beds and getting cheques for it is certainly a bit too good to be true.

Today, all major companies are opting to try out beds before launching them onto the market so that the clients are happy with the result.

So, if you think that you could give a detailed review of the required softness of the bed and comfort level, then this might be the job for you!

And make sure that you earn so much that you would actually be rolling on your cash!

6.   Food Stylist

Food Stylist Job

What Are The Best Jobs In The World? Well, this one is definitely new to the list.

Styling, mostly for people, has been around for centuries. But this new job is something quite different.

Earlier food was all about culinary delight, but now, since the advent of Instagram and other apps, people have started focusing on the visual beautification of it as well.

That is where a food stylist comes in.

Turning good into a piece of art, beautifying and styling them according to the photo-shoots of magazines and cookery books.

All you require is a great aesthetic sense of what looks good and what doesn’t and in-depth knowledge of food.

Well, that’s not even the most attractive part of the job. The most astonishing part is the pay.

Get up to $77,000 a year for your efforts!

7.   Resort Waterslide Tester

Waterslide Tester job

Gushing through water slides in theme parks has got to be one of the fondest memories of childhood. Some people get to make this their career.

While you may think this position is totally unnecessary, there is an enormous requirement to ensure the safety of the visitors.

Big amusement and water theme parks often hire testers to ensure that the height, speed, water quantity and landing of the flumes of rides in their premises are up to safety standards.

While the description may seem mostly like a technical job, there is plenty of time to have fun too.

8.   Disney Imagineer

Disney Imagineer Jobs

A Disney Imagineer (Imaginer + Engineer) is a person who comes up with creative ideas to enhance the interiors of Disneyland.

If you are an engineer and wish to rekindle the child in you with the most innovative ideas to better the best place in the world.

This one definitely tops the most interesting careers list!

Oh and don’t forget, the pay is roughly around $30,000-$130,000 per year.

This is what dreams are made of? Yes.

9.   Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper Career

This is one cool job you’ve never heard of!

Basically, a professional sleeper gets paid to sleep and scientists evaluate their quality of sleep and their sleep patterns etc.

Apart from this, their daily responsibilities include testing mattresses and pillows. Along with this, there are also expected to write detailed reports on comfort, room lighting, and noise disruption.

For those who love to hit the hay way earlier in the day, this seems like the Most Perfect Job In the World.

A professional sleeper job is definitely one of the most unique careers in demand all the time.

What a laid-back job, isn’t it?

10. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger Job

Who in this world would refuse the offer to get paid for travelling? Until a few years, wanderlusts across the world were only imagining such instances.

Until Now!

After the onset of the internet revolution, Travel Blogging became a common profession.

Today, each one of us follows at least one #TravelBlogger on various social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest etc.

And since this number is on an ever-increasing hike, the number of vloggers or bloggers is spiralling rapidly worldwide.

Now travel agencies partner with them and travel bloggers get paid according to their popularity, this industry has blown to become a full-blown miracle.

They say “Children always have unrealistic dreams”.

As children, we all dreamt of going up to the moon or spending time underwater but as we grow older, these dreams fade away to form corporate sandcastles.

But these unusual job vacancies must have made you release that the world is full of possibilities.

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