Top Ten Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! They say the way you begin your day matters a lot. We often neglect the most important meal because we don’t know how to go about it or we simply don’t want to cook. Shoot the lazy bug in you and read carefully the Top Ten Healthy Breakfast Ideas mentioned below.

Now imagine this. You work for let’s say 7 or 9 hours and there is no specific time to have meals due to workload. Or you just grab a quick bite from your friend’s box and have a juice. Seems easy right? What is more easy and healthy is waking up half an hour early and prepare a nutritious breakfast to begin the day with. It won’t really take 30 minutes!

All of us know there are thousands of morning breakfast ideas and also 5-minute healthy breakfast recipes available on the internet. There are many apps and magazines/booklets too for those who are comfortable that way. Cut the recipes, paste them on your kitchen wall or refrigerator door like our momma used to add the food reminders when we were kids.

No matter who you are and what your routine includes, sum up all of it and create a 7-day breakfast list from Sunday to Saturday. Skip watching social media stories and you’ll have time for this one!

10. Egg Breakfast

Healthy egg breakfast ideasEgg breakfast is really easy to cook and it is one of the most protein-rich breakfast ever. You can make an omelet, egg muffins, baked eggs, egg fried rice, bacon egg, crispy egg toast, and many more. Crispy egg toast is the best crunchy breakfast one can think of.

Simply type “egg breakfast ideas” on the internet and see the tremendous ideas it gives you. There are also a huge number of ways to cook an egg that you’ll be shocked to know. Take a few minutes and see which one best suits your time and taste. You won’t ever regret this one!

9. Smoothies and Shakes

Breakfast ideas for liquid dietTackle the busy morning obstacle by adding smoothies and shakes recipes to your breakfast. And if you are on a diet this is the best breakfast idea for a liquid diet to be considered. Have a word with your dietician or simply research about breakfast smoothies and shakes for a perfect diet.

Smoothies are proved to be the best way to lose weight. Keep it in the range of below 150 calories and nothing extra for a perfect weight loss breakfast.  Avocado, pineapple, berries, and bananas can be keen ingredients for liquid diet breakfast.

If not on diet, you can make a really tasty and healthy smoothie with all the fruits you have. On weekends when there is no perfect breakfast time, make one of your own choices and serve it the way you want. There are also vegan breakfast smoothies and breakfast smoothies for kids.

8. Acai Bowl

Brazilian breakfast, Acai Bowl
Image Credit: Flickr User Marco Verch

Brazil’s typical breakfast smoothie made from smashed and frozen Acai fruit is probably the tastiest breakfast ideas one can note down. There are many sweet and spicy varieties that Brazilians have come up with the Acai Bowl or Açaí na tigela. The typical ones add dry fish and shrimp to give it a spicy salty touch. Whereas, sweet version is prepared with banana and other fruits mixed well along with sugar or sweeteners.

In Brazil the Acai Bowl is available at local juice bars or near the beeches. If you are planning to prepare this at home, just google Acai Bowl or Açaí na tigela and bingo! enjoy the Brazilian breakfast at home.

7. Sandwiches

5 min sandwich recipesOkay, you really don’t need many efforts here. Cut and keep all that is required one night before and stuff it inside the bread the other day. It is that simple. Especially, if you are one hurrying to work and there is actually no time to sit with all the delicacies early morning, you can pack and eat while you are traveling.

Egg, bacon, salmon are add-ons to be considered if required. Looking for a vegan breakfast sandwich and really done with the avocado thing? Add vegan mozzarella, spinach, and vegan grilled cheese, cream with tomatoes, onion, carrot, and cucumber, anything you like. They are all worth giving a try with a spicy spinach chutney if possible.

6. Pancakes

Breakfast Pancakes IdeasWhip a bit of fluffy-heavy breakfast pancakes. All you need is a good batter, whole grain/wheat flour, maple syrup or even honey would serve the purpose. Egg and banana are other 2 important ingredients. These 2 can save your time and not even compromise the protein intake for the day.

Go with simple and plain pancakes if you are on a diet. And if not, add high-calorie ingredients to sweeten your taste buds early morning.

5. Fruit Salad or Breakfast Salad

breakfast fresh fruit salad recipeKeep changing your breakfast every day so that there is no turning back from this awesome routine. In the middle of the week or somewhere near the weekend when we are eagerly waiting for the happy days, begin the day with fruits and eggs in the salad perhaps. Add all you like and all you don’t for the sake of vitamins and nutrients. These can be the healthiest breakfast ingredients in one dish.

Add chicken sausages, tomatoes, eggs, grapes, berries, lettuce, nuts and take another couple of minutes to complete the dish with olive oil or mustard-honey dressing. Breakfast salad is probably the best among the nutritious breakfast recipes.

4. Cereal Breakfast

breakfast cereal brandsMostly preferred by the western culture, cereal breakfast includes grains, milk, fruits, and nuts. These are actually processed cereal grains and certain brands have ruled the market in cereal breakfast. You get them in good packets in the form of ready to eat breakfasts. These brands also mention calorie value and fats percentage behind the box.

A bowl full of hot or cold milk and few fruits is one of the quick breakfast ideas for kids.

3. Dosa

South Indian Breakfast Dosa
Image Credit: Flickr User Jojo Nicdao

Originated in the Indian subcontinent is low fat, mineral-rich crunchy breakfast ever. A typical South Indian breakfast made of batter that includes rice and black gram forming a pancake. Rice and black gram (ration 4:1 or 5:1) are soaked and grinned for a perfectly smooth batter that is fermented overnight. For more, you can even add fenugreek.

It is served hot and crispy with a lentil based vegetable stew called Sambhar and coconut chutney. One of the famous Sri Lankan Tamil diet breakfast and south Indian cuisines, Dosas are served either rolled in a wrap or folded in half.

Google this nutritious breakfast for recipes and varieties it is served with.

2. Cheese Toast

breakfast cheese toastCheese toast is good to the club with coffee or tea, the way you like. The tastiest breakfast was originated in the United Kingdom and is now one of the famous breakfast ideas in the world.

Calorie intake in a cheese toast depends on the bread used. Take the type of bread you like and spread that mouth-watering cheese over it. Perfectly cooked cheese toast has the cheese layer spread nicely over the bread so that the burnt edges are not noticed and the crispy-smooth form is maintained. Further, you can spread spices, coriander, chicken, eggs or pepper above to make it more interesting.

1. Greek Yogurt with Fruits

Yoghurt breakfast with fruitsLast but not the least is another one of the best liquid breakfast ideas to try on Sundays especially. You can make this super tasty breakfast as an option for stomach filling weight loss meal too. Get fat free Greek Yogurt and blend it with nuts and fruits like black berries making it the best diet breakfast.

By this you’ll be all occupied till lunch arrives and also your calorie intake for the day will stay positive. Isn’t that a healthy habit to begin the day with?

So here you have ten best healthy breakfast ideas in one article! It ain’t that difficult to begin with a healthy start for a hectic day ahead. Share the article with your lazy loved ones who often skip the most important meal of the day. Stay connected with us @ for more amazing list of great ideas and topics. 

Written by Ritu Chavda

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