10 Interesting Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

“Long live the Queen.” While history has witnessed many of the acts about her Royal Highness, we have got you top ten interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II. One of the longest reigning monarchs is the living example of what power looks like when handed to the right woman. The Queen was born on 21st April 1926 at Mayfair, London.

Apart from her years of reign, there are many interesting facts about her wardrobe and adventures across the globe. She has maintained her lifestyle not only with rules and regulations but also there are certain gestures that makes her different from the common people.

From a daughter, mother, grandmother to great-grandmother we have seen her ruling the world more than any other monarch. Hence, she is titled as the longest-serving monarch in the history. She is the head of Commonwealth and was just 25 when overtook the throne after her father’s death. The article below has a short list of 10 such amazing facts about Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

The Royal Coronation

Queen Elizabeth Royal Coronation 1953
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At the age of 25, the Queen took over the throne at Westminster Abbey, London on 2nd June 1953. Her father, George VI passed away on 6th February 1952 and it was Elizabeth II who ascended the throne.

It took 14 months of preparation for the one-day coronation ceremony at Westminster. The last British governor of New South Wales made three films about the Queen’s Coronation.

Norman Bishop Hartnell was one of the most popular fashion designers at the time of her coronation. He designed both her coronation gown and wedding dress. He has also designed one of a kind attires for the royal ladies that made news and amazed media.

Gestures Through Pursue

Queen uses her purse for sending secret signals to her staff
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It’s not just about caring items but the Queen uses her purse for sending secret signals to her staff. It was found that if she places the purse on the dining table, it means she wishes to wrap up in 5 minutes.

She has maintained her sophisticated style well over the years. She would not call someone or walk down for some purpose like common folks. Hence, it is her handbag that does the work without pinpointing on something or even making eye contact.

It is said that Her Majesty has more than 200 Launer handbags. The handbag is to be made as per certain measurements as preferred by the queen. The craftsmanship is to be on point and handle is usually kept a bit longer. So that she finds it easy for interacting with her staff.

Global Explorer

Queen Elizabeth has been to more than 150 countries
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Her Royal Highness has traveled overseas 200 times during her reign and she’s been to more than 150 countries. Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and many other countries have welcomed the Royal feet. In 1986 she was the first British Monarch to visit China.

In more than 50 years, the Royal Yacht Britannia has traveled over 1 million miles. For those who don’t know, the Royal Yacht is the personal yacht for the royal family to travel around. It is used for an average of 25 thousand miles a year.

Everything the queen does and wherever she goes is to be significant and flawless. Then that can be her dress or a yacht.

Why cards?

No license, passport or Id proof are needed by Her Majesty
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Unlike common people, her majesty does not need to carry her passport or driving license for any purpose whatsoever. She can travel anywhere anytime and no one has the right to stop her and ask an id proof as such.

Though her royal highness always has her staff ready to serve her every minute, she can drive wherever she wants without a license. This can include inside or outside the United Kingdom. By any means and any power in charge, you cannot ask her a valid license or passport.

Also, it is completely normal if the vehicle in which she is traveling does not have a driving plate. Yes, you have read that right! She rules and yet no rules are implied on her.

The Long Reign

One single monarch has witnessed 7 Roman Catholic popes
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One single monarch has witnessed 7 Roman Catholic popes. Some of the prominent ones are John XXIII, Francis, John Paul I and John Paul 2.

Along with the popes, there have been over 12 U.S presidents during her monarchy. The famous British politician, Tony Blair was born during her reign. Also, David Cameron, another British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party were born in 1966 under her power.

More than 65 years of ruling has seen many ups and downs with legends taking birth so far.

French Master

Queen Elizabeth is a French master
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It is not just the power that separates her from us all. She is also blessed with many skills and knowledge. Speaking French would not be a big deal, but the Queen has mastered the language. She speaks fluent French.

In case if she is hidden behind a curtain and all you can do is listen, you won’t know if that is a commoner or a British Royalty speaking the Roman language. She’s used French a number of times when she visits Quebec.

Maintain Distance!

Do say “Your Majesty” and let her speak first.
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Yes, you cannot get too close to the Queen and hugging is not an option at all. Even if you are a prominent politician or a well-known personality there has to be a formal handshake and that too very quick. You are not supposed to hold her hand for a long time.

You can greet her with a bow, through a curtsy or flowers. But this can be very intimidating even to the most experienced and popular people ever. There is a certain way to greet her. Though visitors at times prefer this, the Queen mostly does not expect anyone to bow to her.

Do not forget to address her in the correct manner. Do say “Your Majesty” and let her speak first. Michelle Obama broke this rule when she put an arm around the longest-serving monarch in 2009.

After You My Lady

Guests are always followed by Her Royal Highness
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Be it a wedding ceremony or an important meeting, no one speaks unless the Queen begins with the conversation. The guests are always followed by Her Royal Highness. You can grab a seat only after she does and drinks only after she takes the first sip.

Food may be mouth-watering but you cannot eat it unless she begins. Nothing starts at a meet unless initiated by the Lady. These hard and fast etiquette are a must to be followed by every visitor. A small mistake here and there can embarrass you in front of the Queen.

The Face of Australian Currency

Constitutional Monarchy of Australia
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The head of Commonwealth is printed on the Australian currency notes and coins as well. Queen Elizabeth II is also known as the constitutional monarchy of Australia and hence is the face of its currency. This is because she was announced as the Head of State.

At the time of her accession on 6th February 1952, she was declared as the Queen of Australia along with Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Governance is held by the Prime Minister of Australia, but Queen Elizabeth the 2nd is still titled as the monarch of Australia. She holds her power there.

If power had a face, it would look Her Royal Highness.

Husband or Cousin?

The Queen said “I do” to her third cousin
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That’s right! The Queen said “I do” to her third cousin. She is actually related to the man she tied the knot with. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth the 2nd are distantly related to each other. She was just 13 when first met the Greek Prince.

Her Majesty fell for the prince immediately after their short meet. They later got married when she turned 21. Till then the relationship was kept hidden from the public eye because of the prince being a German.

For those who don’t know, not a single German guest was allowed in the Royal Wedding. This no entry list also includes Prince Philip’s 3 sisters.

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