10 Noteworthy Lord of the Rings Quotes

The depths of Mount Doom cannot accumulate all the life-changing quotes which Lord of the Rings has given to us.

Lord of the Rings, the mother of all contemporary fantasy stories, is not just an entertaining rollercoaster, but also a teacher about life. With quotes about every aspect of life, this series has one-liners about friendship, loss, perseverance, and every other human emotion imaginable.

This series, commonly referred to as LOTR, is the magnum opus of J.R.R Tolkien. Even after decades of its creation, people still pass on this legendary book to their children like it’s a ritual.

The hype about the Lord of the Rings is totally justified, considering the fact that it evokes curiosity and has stood the test of time. The LOTR Series is cherished by people worldwide even after more than 65 years of the release of the first book.

As a tribute to the author and everyone associated with the book and the movies, TopTensList.com has brought to you this article.

With quotes about every situation in life, Lord of the Rings proves that it is a timeless masterpiece worth remembering for several more generations to come.

Bringing to you, the 10 most noteworthy quotes from LOTR which will make you boom with hope and remind of the positivity in life.

Revisit the Middle Earth with a trip down the memory lane for all the times J.R.R Tolkien impressed us with his wordplay.

We are reminding you how apt these sayings from LOTR are with the Best Lord of the Rings Quotes, fresh from the mines of Moria.

1. Valiant

2. Wander

You might have seen this quote on every other Instagram caption, but did you know that this line was actually a gift to the world from Tolkien?

When this iconic line comes up in the book, we assure you that you will get chills!

3. Change

Fordo Baggins,  a hobbit, changed the course of Middle Earth by destroying the true power of the evil lord. No one would have assumed that a hobbit will be the most pivotal character in destroying the prime villain.

That is the beauty of this series.

4. Good in the World

5. Revenge

It seems as though the modern world has forgotten about this quote! With raging wars across the globe, LOTR proves again that it is a masterpiece way ahead of its time.

Take notes, people!

6. The Strength of the Spirit

7. Brightest Stars

8. The Best Teacher

9. Value

10. Path of Wisdom

These are the top 10 quotes which we thought you need to see today! Did they inspire you?

Before we wrap up this article, we thought we would give you some of the most Dank Memes which feature LOTR.

Bonus Quote

But it is true that more than quotes, there are memes which truly signify the essence of this series. Even though there is no dearth of humour in this creation of Tolkien, the memes are just too hilarious!

So, here is one meme which surfaced on the internet recently.

Black Hole or Sauron?

Wait up, now that scientists have proved that Sauron exists some 55 million light years away from us, can we please find Middle Earth too?


One cannot simply stop writing about Lord of the Rings.

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