10 Amazing Facts About Apple Inc

There are many stories and reasons behind certain moves a company makes. In this regard, no other company in the world is as talked about as Apple. Some of Apple’s decisions hold historical significance whilst others are made targeting profits. Some others come straight from the mind of the Steve Job’s himself. It is then no big surprise that there are quite a few amazing Facts about Apple that lie behind all of these great moments in the company’s history.

Apple Inc. started off as an idea in the minds of three great individuals. Well, that’s how the multinational company was found by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. 1976 was the year, and 1st April was the day! If you paid attention then yes, the company indeed came into existence on April fools!

Presently 100% of the electricity the brand uses is renewable. It supports the environment and rules the world of technology. Frenemies with few and rivals to some, Apple has gone through many highs and lows and long stretches of time where successes were few and far between. Still, the brand did more than just survive.

Check out the list of amazing Apple facts that you may not have known!

1) Anti-Smoking Clause

Cigarette smoke voids Apple Care warranty
Image Credit – Eri Sigiura

Ever thought about losing the Apple Care Warranty due to smoke? Yes, the cigarette you enjoy perhaps would totally waste up the Apple Warranty. There are numerous incidences where complaints have knocked Job’s door. However, the world famous company rejects repairing when found smoking/tar traces on the product due to OSHA’s list of hazardous substances.

Under any circumstances, if there are traces of smoke found, you would not be able to get your Apple Computer repaired from the company. The billion dollar organization has its environmental priorities! Next time you enjoy smoky bliss near your MAC PC, take a step back.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not entertain Nicotine and has listed it as “hazardous.”

2) What time is it? 9:41 A.M

The reason why all Apple ads display 9:41 A.M
Image Credit –

Why is it always 9:41 A.M in the Apple ads? One of the leading technically advanced company has a mind-blowing reason behind everything they do. If we carefully notice the Apple advertisements, the time on iPhone display is always set to 9:41 A.M.

Steve was out with the first iPhone in 2007 at 9:41 A.M. His words at that time were: “Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” It was indeed a remarkable time to bring a revolutionary change in the world of phones.

The actual time was 9:42 when Jobs announced iPhone, later in 2010 when the first iPad was released the time was changed to 9:41. Since then all the apple products show the time as 9:41 A.M in their advertisements and also on the official website.

3) Steve’s Turtle Neck T-Shirt

The lucky turtle neck from Issey to Jobs
Image Credit – Vikiombor,

The famous American writer and journalist Walter Isaacson revealed in one of his writings that Jobs is fond of renowned designer Issey Miyake. Steve Jobs wanted all the Apple employees to wear the black turtleneck t-shirt as a uniform.

Jobs considers merely his relationship with Issey lucky. Moreover, in 1980 when Steve jobs went to Japan, the Sony employees in a uniform caught his attention. He thought of applying something similar to Apple.

Negative responses were received from the employees. Nevertheless, Jobs thought of grabbing a hundred black turtlenecks for himself.

A quote from Steve Jobs to Issey Miyake: “I have enough to last for the rest of my life.”

4) The not so intricate Apple Logo

famous design of the Apple logo
Image Credit – Andrew from Flickr

People often link the logo with a biblical logic behind it. There is nothing religious or spiritual here! Steve was fond of fruits, and Apple is his favorite. One day while visiting an apple orchard, it merely struck him of making the fruit as a symbol of the world famous company.

Ronald Wayne was the first designer for Apple logo and came up with a complicated logo. The first logo included a picture of Issac Newton sitting under the tree. Jobs did not find it appealing and hence hired Rob Janoff to come up with a fresh new logo.

It is then that Janoff came up with 2 logos reflecting an apple. One was with a bite in the apple and another with a whole apple. The apple with a bite was something different to the owners.

Later there were also color variations from rainbow to black and silver in the Apple logo.

“Byte into an Apple” – Apple’s first slogan.

5) Where are the carpenters heading?

Carpenters at AppleBefore the launch of every new product, thick walls surround the employee’s desks. The walls are placed to secure the information. Hence every time Apple launches an iPad, iPhone or any other device, carpenters are hired specially for the blocks.

Not even a word about the internal discussions must cross the walls made by the carpenters. That is how the details are secret until the last minute of the latest device launch

Not only walls but also there are codes for every new device, and that is how employees exchange words with each other about the latest innovation.

There have been different codenames used for Macs which include: Yikes, Gonzo, Jedi, Peter Pan, Malibu, and Rosebud.

6) Why the “i”?

Eye for an ILate in 1998, the definition for I in iMac was for internet. Apple being just one step away for people to connect to the World Wide Web.

Later when the universally known brand came up with iPhones and iPads, it was “innovation and individuality” that defined the I. The alphabet I is considered a significant identity for Apple products. The naming scheme is famous, but the show behind the curtains remain plain and simple.

7) No Apple stores, please.

US states without apple storesWhile the world ruling company began in the United States, there are nine states in the states that do not entertain a single Apple store. Well, there are no particular reasons behind, these states don’t invite an Apple store to enter the location.

The states are North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Vermont. So next time you visit these places and are looking to purchase an Apple product, better look for online stores!

8) Free for employees

Employees get free iPhones
Image Credit – Eric Bridiers, Flickr

Yes, you have read it right. Back in 2007 when Apple came up with the first iPhone, it gifted an iPhone to all the employees. Wouldn’t you have loveed to be an Apple employee at this time?

The latest iPhone models are worth $999 and more. With just a week of XS launch, 90000 pieces were sold out! No doubt Apple can afford to gift a free phone to all the employees with sales like these.

9) Most photographed landmark

Most photographed landmark- the Manhattan store
Image Credit- Jorge Lascar. License under the creative commons attribution 2.0 generic

The creatively designed glass Apple store at Fifth Avenue, Manhattan is one of the most photographed locations ever. The cubical store is made of glass with the crystal clear finishing and a fascinating Apple logo in Silver at the heart of the store.

It looks like a transparent block with a silver Apple flying in the exact center. Every one that passes the place is ready with the clicks and poses. If you visit Manhattan and wish to rock your Instagram feed, do check out Fifth Avenue.

10) 8,50,000 Square Feet Campus.

A huge campus for Apple employeesIt is not only free iPhones that Apple employees get, but they also work in a spacious area of 850000 square feet. It is the Cupertino campus built in 1993 and owned by Apple itself, where the billion-dollar minds work.

The vast campus contains only six buildings, each with intricately designed blocks. It feels like working in a surrounding like this. The view of Cupertino Campus is like a beautifully designed ellipse from the top, and one can easily make out that something marvelous goes in here!

So are you as surprised as we are at these amazing facts about one of the world’s most successful and iconic brands?

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