10 Expensive Dishes That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds and Empty Your Pockets

Foodie and rich? Guess what, you are at the right place as we serve you a tasty list of the most expensive dishes in the world.

Assorted ingredients with layers of truffles and edible gold garnishing does what meditation cannot! Food most definitely is the key to happiness certainly one would go head over heels for these mouth-watering delights, that is if you can afford them.

But what if we tell you that few of these cravings can cost you more than a Ducati. Yes, that is right! To all the food lovers, here we are with the most ridiculously expensive dishes across the globe. They are not just expensive, they are luxurious and contain some of the rarest ingredients. It shouldn’t be surprising then that some of these dishes feature on the Guinness book of world records for the most expensive dishes.

Chefs and experts behind these tremendously expensive dishes remain really consistent in their work. As they should if their clientele are to pay the amount of a thousand normal pizzas for just one slice. Outrageous!

So prepare your taste buds as we explore some of the most decadent treats on offer on Planet Earth. And don’t forget to bring your wallet along for the ride!

10) White Truffle and Gold pizza

$2420 pizza at Margo's Malta
Image Credit – Pinterest User: Beth De Leon
  • Where? – Margo’s Pizzeria, Valetta, Malta
  • How much? – $2420

Who doesn’t love Pizza? Pizza is one of the most recognizable hunger busters in the world. But what if we tell you that a regular ol’ pizza has made its mark in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The White truffle and gold pizza at Malta was ranked as the most expensive pizza a few years.

If you are wondering how this pizza made it there, then you need not look further than the name. This $2420 Pizza is wood baked with fontina cheese, pancetta, cep mushrooms, freshly gathered wild lettuce, onion puree, baby mozzarella, all placed on a thin crust.

This mouth-watering array of ingredients are given an ostentatious finishing. To justify the name (and the price tag) Margo’s ornaments this pizza with the notoriously rare white truffle shavings paired up with 24-carat edible gold leaf.

Amazed? Of course, you’d be.

9) Pizza Royale 007

Special Delivery Pizza $4200
Image Credit –
  • Where? – Glasgow UK
  • How much? –  $4200

Award-winning Glasgow chef Domenico Crolla has created one of the most noteworthy pizzas ever. This Pizza is prominent not only because of its cost, but also its contribution to fighting blindness in developing nations. It’s weird to spend $4200 only for a pizza, but, if your money gifts vision to a soul, wouldn’t it be a worthy cause?

The recipe was created by Domenico Crolla to raise funds for Fred Hollows Australian Foundation. So, if you are rich enough then here’s the chance to satisfy your taste buds with opulence. Although the huge amount goes for a noble deed, you would still like to know why it is so damn costly, right.

Well, the 12-inch pizza includes some of the world’s most expensive ingredients. And they are Scottish smoked salmon, Cognac marinated lobster, Venison Medallions, Balsamic vintage vinegar, and the best of the best prosciutto. For the grand finale, Mr. Crolla tops the $4200 pizza with 24-carat edible gold leaf.

Time for a fact: The name “Pizza Royale 007” was selected by James Bond, Domenico’s favorite movie character. We believe this a Pizza made for the Mr.Bond, what with his taste for opulence and luxury.

8) Fleur Burger

The expensive Nevada burger
Image Credit –
  • Where? – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • How much? – $5000

Wouldn’t we all like to visit Vegas? Lights, casinos, The Strip, all attract you with their glitz and glamour. But be careful if you find yourself at the Fleur Restaurant, as just a burger at here can cost you a mournful trip to the bank!

Imagine a burger that would cost you the same amount as it would for you and 2 of your friends to eat a regular burger for 365. Luxury at its peak!

With a price tag of $5000, the Fleur Burger is the world’s most expensive burger. Chef Hubert Keller invented this peachy masterpiece at Fleur restaurant in Vegas, Nevada.

This incredible burger includes foie grass, truffle sauce, and finely shaved truffles. It is served on a brioche truffle bun with a 1995 vintage bottle of Chateau Petrus. The vintage bottle in itself is priced at $2500!

7) Posh Pie

The $12000 posh pie at Dudleys
Image Credit –
  • Where? – Lord Dudley Hotel, Paddington
  • How much? – $9484

Sydney has something which would kill you with only a thought of it. Think of spending $9484 for a simple blend of beef and lobsters. It does not end here. With the pie, you are gifted rare winter black truffles and 2 bottles of reputable Penfold’s grange reserve.

It took a duration of 3 weeks for executive chef Paul Medcalf at the Lord Dudley Hotel, Paddington to excogitate the recipe for this succulent and appetizing “Posh pie”.

The amazing pie includes two not so budget friendly beef cuts from butcher David Blackmore and western Australian lobsters paired with winter black truffles finished of with 23-carat German gold leaf.


 6) Louis XIII pizza

Expensive Pizza at Salerno Italy
Image Credit – Instagram page: Cafejadelagos
  • Where? – Renato Viola, Salerno, Italy
  • How much? – $12000

If you thought Margo’s $2420 White truffle and gold pizza or the Pizza Royale 007 worth $4200 were the zenith for luxurious pizzas, then behold the Louis XIII.

For the super-rich and elite of the world, the Louis XIII Pizza is made for you. It most definitely is made just for you because of the ridiculous price tag that accompanies it. $12000 for the most opulent pizza in the world, and it will be delivered to your house!

Yes, you have heard that right! For this price, the chef will bring all the exclusive ingredients to your house and bake it for you. Just place the order and keep a sack full of money ready.

The service is of course, exclusively available to all those who stay in Italy.

Surely you would want to know what the exotic, expensive toppings that make this pizza cost $12000. Well it grabs your attention (and wallet) through Caviar (3 types of Caviar from $2500 to $5000 per pound), Squilla Mantis, Pink salt from Australia, Lobster imported from Norway and the satin smooth and a slightly sour flavored mozzarella di bufala (cheese made from the milk of domestic Italian buffaloes).

Well, at least you can enjoy this ridiculously expensive pizza in the comfort of your house!

5) English Wagyu Beef Pie

The luxurious beef pie at Fence Gate Inn Restaurant
Image Credit – Pujaisma,
  • Where? – The Fence Gate Inn, Burnley, United Kingdom
  • How much? – $14260

The world’s priciest beef mushroom pie will take you back a whopping $14260. With a vintage look and 2 bottles of Chateau Rothschild Mouton red wine, this higher caliber, sophisticated pie might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

What makes the pie expensive? The ingredients that lovingly justify its price tag are; 2.50 Kilos of Wagyu Beef Fillet, 1.50 kilos of matsutake mushrooms worth $3320, French bleu mushrooms, the rare winter black truffle and edible gold leaf worth $174.

The matsutake mushrooms used are really rare and precious. They are harvested underground. It would cost you around $1000 for a pound.

Amazed? We are only halfway through the list.

4) Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Dessert worth $14500 from Sri Lanka
Image Credit –
  • Where? – The Fortress Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka
  • How much? – $14500

Paired with an 80-carat miraculous aquamarine gemstone, this Italian cassata will burn a hole straight through your wallets.

The unique, balanced dessert is inspired from a century old fishing practice at the Sri Lankan coastline.

It consists of an Italian Cassata neatly textured with Baileys and served with mango and pomegranate compote. But $14500 is a pretty big figure and the cost does not even include a room at the resort!

The gemstone used is placed on a handcrafted chocolate fisherman stilt. All those who want to grab this unique culinary must order the dessert 24 hours in advance. Let us not forget that the 80-carat gemstone used is claimed to attract calmness and heal the human soul. The enriching blue color reflects water and the essence of the ocean.

So along with a perfectly amazing blend of flavors, the Fortress stilt fisherman indulgence also brings you peace. Blessed!

3) The Frida Taco

Most expensive taco at Grand Vilas restuarant, Mexico
Image Credit –
  • Where? – Los Cabos Resort, Mexico
  • How much? – $25000

What would you pay for a taco, we mean a single taco with no side food or beverages or anything, 20 dollars? A hundred? Or a thousand? If you are a taco freak and have got money to spend then Mexico has got a $25000 option for you.

Yes, you have heard that right. Mexico’s prominent Grand Velas Los Cabos brings you an incredible blend of exotic ingredients with tequila. Nothing complimentary here as the tequila would add another $150000 to your bill. If this

The $25000 taco is stuffed with Kobe beef and Alma beluga caviar. Langoustines and black truffle brie cheese add pretty colors to the dish. Every tasty taco is well served with a salsa.

Mouth-watering salsa made from dry Morita chile peppers seasoned with ultra-premium Anejo tequila and civet coffee completes the look and feel of the taco. Please don’t forget the gold infused corn tortilla.

Fact: Per person rate for one night stay at the Velas would cost you $750. Now compare that with the cost of the taco. Kudos!

2) The Real Death by Chocolate

Serendipity 3 Luxurious dessert
Image Credit –
  • Where? – Serendipity 3 restaurant
  • How much? – $25000

$25000 for a hot chocolate? Really?

A thousand dozens of normal chocolate sundaes at one side and just this one creamy, delicious and brown layered dessert at the other. What would you choose?

Listed as one of the most expensive desserts by Guinness Book of World Records, this sweet dish will blow your mind when you find out what this concoction comprises of. The “real death by chocolate” includes a combination of 28 expensive chocolates all the way from Africa and South Africa, truffle imported from France and is topped with 23-carat gold.

This is perhaps the end game for all your chocolate cravings. While there are several reasons to eat a dessert, one may have to make a costly decision to have this combination of 28 rare chocolates. Moreover the restaurant “Serendipity 3” is a popular landmark in New York City.

While we know the ingredients, let us not leave aside the way it is served. “The real death by chocolate” is served in a soda fountainesque glass and a golden spoon. For sure you can keep the crockery for free after having the dessert. So one day you find yourself rich and want to taste what a combination of 28 chocolates feels like, you know your destination!

1) Chocolate Pudding

Most expensive dessert in the world
Image Credit –
  • Where? – Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, England
  • How much? – $35000

Where the “real death by chocolate” is served with a 23-carat gold topping, this $35000 chocolate pudding brings you a 2-carat diamond. An amazing creation by Chef Marc Guibert of Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, England – “Chocolate Pudding” is served as a replica of a jeweled egg known as the “Faberge Egg”

The most expensive of our top ten expensive dishes is this delightful dessert with a high-end chocolate and caviar layered with champagne jelly, biscuit joconde, and edible gold.

According to the U.S Census Bureau of, the annual median income for the year 2016 is $31099. So one needs to be ridiculously rich to experience the $35000 chocolate pudding at Lindeth’s.

Money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can satisfy those mouth-watering cravings for sure! Whether that be something spicy, creamy, chocolaty, sour or succulent. Given a thousand dollars, anybody would definitely want to give these dishes a try.

We believe the above article entertained your taste buds and added an extra point to your “things to do before I die” list. Tell us in the comment section which of these most expensive dishes in the world you would like to try given a sack full of cash. Do bookmark our website ”” for more amazing topics like these. 

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