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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, as it is more commonly known, is the addictive gaming sensation of 2018. This mobile game allures players with fast-paced action, an innovative play area restriction concept and the suspenseful 3-4 minute end game. The game has some complexity to it and as such PUBG beginners will need a little bit of assistance with getting used to the game mechanics. And for all of you out there who are yet to taste their first chicken dinner, this awesome list of Beginners Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile is for you.

Although an absolute thrill to play, PUBG is not exactly an easy point and shoot game. Well, there is a lot of pointing and even more shooting, but the essence of the game is in surviving. So use some of these amazing PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for Beginners to help you survive the Early, Middle and Late game.

This goes without saying, but these PUBG advanced tips will certainly be of tremendous help to Beginners. Our emphasis in this article is on PUBG Mobile Beginners Tips but all of these tips are applicable to the PC (desktop) version of the game as well.

Don’t forget to check the bottom of the page for some bonus sneaky tricks to reach the top 10 and even go on and win it.

So let’s get you that Spicy Chicken Dinner you are craving.

PUBG Beginners tips and tricks

10 Necessary PUBG Mobile Beginners Tips and Tricks you need to know to get that elusive Chicken Dinner

Alright, so you have been struggling to make it to the top 10 in every game you play. Even when you do, you are not sure whether you earned it or whether it was a fluke. Trust me, we have all been there during the ‘noobie’ stage.

Technically, you can play out an entire game without killing anyone. It is extremely difficult, but not impossible. That is, however, not how PUBG is designed to be played. Battlegrounds is more fun when you have double-digit kill scores.

Implement some of the following PUBG Mobile tips to make your game better right away and see marked improvements in your PUBG gameplay.

1. Pay Attention to the compass

PUBG How to use the compass
When you are playing Team PUBG (2 player or 4 players), it is absolutely imperative that you pay attention to the compass. This is because the compass is your best bet to alert your teammates to possible threats that you may have spotted.

When you are exchanging fire with another squad, it becomes all the more important to call out the compass degree to your squad. This way you will have supporting fire at all times.

The PUBG compass is a circular device numbered with degrees ranging from 0-360. North in this compass is always 0/360.

Try making it an instinct to have a glance at the compass when you are getting shot at or when you spot an enemy squad. As long as you and your squad are in the same location, 360 on the compass for you should be the same for all your squad mates.

This always better than yelling “there are two guys over there” or “I am getting shot from my left”.  Yelling like this is why you are going to bed hungry when more organized squads are feasting on chicken.

Note: Sometimes when you spot an enemy and call out the compass degree to your squad, there may be a slight variation in the location.

For example, if you had called out an enemy at 195, your teammates may find the enemy anywhere between the 180-195-210 arc. The Compass number will give your squad a general direction of your targets.

2. Bag Space: Why are you lugging around all that trash?

PUBG Mobile Backpack Tips and TricksIn PUBG, the backpack is one of the first items of loot you will pick up. It is also one of the most vital pieces of equipment you will need in the game.

Backpacks, like Helmets and bulletproof vests, come in different levels. The level one backpack has the lowest storage capacity and the level 3 Backpack has the highest. It goes without saying that finding the more rare level 3 backpack will be a huge boost to your chances of getting a win.

But when you don’t find the level 3 bag, you have to carefully manage the storage space in your backpack. This is easily manageable if you know what you are doing.

There are certain items which you must always carry with you. These are your scopes, grenades and how about a smoke canister for emergencies.

Things that you should toss away include bandages and soda cans. This might surprise you at first but hear me out.

If you have collected Painkillers and have 3-4 of the lying around in your bag then you don’t need more than 1-2 soda cans. This is because painkillers are more effective than soda cans in the game.

Think about it. If you find a level 3 helmet, the game automatically discards the level 2 helmet you were wearing. You should follow a similar policy when it comes to Soda cans.

Besides, if you were involved in an intense crossfire and used up all your health boosts in the process, then you could always loot some more from the bodies of the players you just killed.

Bandages, on the other hand, are completely useless. They can be useful at times, but how often have you opened your backpack only to see that you are carrying around 15 bandages. You are never going to use them. You are never going to need them.

Never carry more than 5 bandages in your backpack. Ideally, you should throw those out too. But you can keep them if you feel like you are going to really need them.

Tossing out the bandages and soda cans will leave vital space open in your bag. You can use this to actually load up on things you are going to need. An extra grenade is always better than 3 extra soda cans. How about tossing out the bandages for an extra scope.

There is no point in carrying around 19 bandages if you are going to die…..with 19 bandages still on you. Really, what was the point?

3. PUBG Mobile Combat Tips: Run, Yes. Prone, NO!

PUBG is a game. But even so, let’s draw a comparison with real life. If you were being shot at from long range, would your first instinct be to lie down on the ground? What are you, an Ostrich?

The number of times you see this happen in the game is ridiculous.

If you are being shot at from long range, YOU ALWAYS RUN TO COVER.

Never, ever lie down. That just makes you a sitting duck. The enemy now has an easier chance of shooting you down.

The thing is, if you are actually running towards cover, the shooter now has to try and hit a moving target. Even if there is no cover around you, you still just run. Think about your own experience of trying to shoot a moving enemy at long range. Was that easy?

Of course not. It takes some skill to down a moving target. Especially at range.

Additionally, you can set a target location and start auto running towards that location. While your player is running you can tap and hold the eye symbol in PUBG Mobile (alt key in PUBG PC) to scan the location from where you are being shot at to try and locate your shooter.

This way you give yourself a better chance to escape gunfire and also locate the opponent.

But what is even more foolish is when people who are already running when you are shooting at them all of a sudden collapse to the ground and start crawling. I know where you are. That’s why I shot at you. Why would you stop running and start crawling?

Especially in the middle of an open field. Why?

The more mobile you are in this game the higher your chances are of evading enemies. Constantly move from cover to cover and you will start racking up that kill count and also surviving to the top 10 almost every single time.

4. Shoot to kill

PUBG how to kill enemiesLet’s say you are running around in the open and you spot an enemy in mid to long range away from you. The opponent is moving. Running towards a group of houses a short distance away. How confident are you that you will shoot him down?

Because if you fire and miss and can’t bring him down in the first few bursts of fire, IT IS ON. You just gave away your location. And what’s worse is that you are in the open with little to no cover while they have plenty of cover to peek around.

Any PUBG player worth their salt will shoot you down immediately if you make this mistake. What was, up until then, turning out to be a good game for you will end in an instant.

Only fire your weapon when you are sure that you can bring the enemy down. You don’t want to start firing at some guy at long range and keep missing only to realize that they have Sniper Rifle on them. That is most definitely the end for you.

You also don’t want to get drawn into prolonged engagement with your target. The longer the gunfire lasts the higher the chances of someone else getting attracted to your location. You definitely don’t want to get fired at from two directions.

Another thing you need to realize is that there is no way of knowing the skill of the player you are shooting at. They could be a beginner finding their way in the game. Or they could be the sort of guy who scores headshots with a pistol from 500 meters away while tap dancing.

Always be aware. Don’t start a fight you can’t finish.

5. Be mindful of your Landing Area – Best Landing Zone 

PUBG Where to land in erangelAt the start of the game, you will find yourself on the plane flying over the island. You can jump off the plane and parachute onto any location you want but keep in mind that you are competing with 100 other players.

Where you land has a huge role to play in your success. If you are a beginner, then you probably want to avoid some of the more high traffic landing zones on the map.

Landing in one of these zones might result in death under 15 seconds. If you are lucky you might escape with some good loot. But luck will not favour you all the time.

You need to understand that these locations are crowd favourites because you are guaranteed to find some of the best loot in here. Locations like Pochinki, School, Military base and Georgopol are full of high-quality gear. But they are also full of bullets with your name on it.

So you need to find the ideal compromise. Some place which is a short distance away from your major towns. Probably someplace with a cluster of houses. You will more often than not find some good gear in here, like the SCAR-L and the M16. These should help you quite well in the early game.

Also, keep an eye out for people who are landing in the same location as you are. If you see other parachutes flying towards your location then quickly pick a house and find a weapon.

Make sure that you equip yourself with some gear before you make a move on the other players who have landed near you. Never try to chase them around. Always loot first, and then shoot.

6. PUBG Mobile Airdrop Guide

Pubg tips to approach AirdropThroughout the duration of the game, you will notice that there will be airdrops happening from time to time. The Drop location is completely random. But the airdrop contains the absolute best loot. I am talking about the amazing GROZA and AUG Assault rifles. Or the godlike AWM Sniper. Consequently, you are always guaranteed to find level 3 vests and helmets in these airdrops.

Here is the catch. Everybody knows this. This practically makes the Airdrop a bullet magnet. If you have made it to the Airdrop, then don’t be surprised if you are in the middle of crossfire from all directions.

Airdrops tend to get very messy. If you are not in and out within seconds, you are dead.

Generally, you can avoid the Airdrop if you have already got some decent gear and ammunition. But if you can’t resist the allure, then, by all means, go for it. Most players reach the airdrop fantasizing about all the goodies that await them.

A bullet to the head is a rather icky end to all those fantasies.

There are however certain ways by which you can successfully loot an airdrop. Firstly always scan the area near the airdrop. You need to be super aware of enemies that are at a distance, waiting for someone to reach the drop only to snipe them.

Be very quick when you are making your move on an Airdrop. Make no mistake, this is a heist. You have to be in and out in no time.

Totally avoid looting the Airdrop with only 10-15 players left in the game. That is a dumb move as all eyes are on the Airdrop.

Always approach the airdrop when crouching.

Personally, I believe it would be best to avoid the airdrop completely. The KAR 98 is an excellent sniper if you know how to use it. You really don’t need the AWM. The Aug and the Groza are both exceptional but the M416 can get the job done anyday. If you have mastered the AKM then the drop is inconsequential.

The only thing the airdrop can give you is the Level 3 helmet and vest. If you have already found both or even one of these two, then it is always best to Snipe the Airdrop rather than chase it.

7. Peek-a-boo, headshots for you –  PUBG Headshot Tips

A very useful feature that most new players don’t know about is the peek feature. This is probably because the feature is disabled by default and you need to manually activate it to use it.

The peek feature allows you to peek around corners and shoot your targets. You can even use your scopes when you are peeking.

Peeking only exposes part of your body to enemy fire. Enemies also have a tough time locating you even if you are nearby. Additionally, they also struggle to get hits on you.

PUBG how to peek and fire
On the left the player is crouching adjacent to the Rock and on the right the player is peeking from behind the rock. On the left the player is exposed drastically exposed, whereas on the right the player is smartly concealed.
PUBG How to activate peek feature
The player crouching adjacent to the rock and the player peeking from behind the rock both have the same view of the enemy. Peeking from behind cover does not obstruct your view of the target. It simply conceals your location. This feature is an absolute must for all players.

Once you have started to use the peek feature, you will never look back. It is easily one of the simplest things you get used to. Soon you will be peeking around corners before going around them.

You can activate the peek and shoot feature from the settings menu. You should be able to find it in the bottom left of the settings screen.

8. PUBG Mobile Blue Circle

PUBG Blue line tips and tricks
The Blue Circle shrinks faster where it is furthest from the white circle and vice versa. Everything in the path of the red arrows above are in the highest danger while the area near the green arrows will be engulfed by the Blue Circle slowly.

The Blue Circle is the ever-shrinking play area of PUBG. The most innovative feature of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also the most unforgiving.

The blue circle can cruelly crush all chances of victory for players who didn’t give it the respect it deserves. It might seem like a very simple thing to keep in your mind. Stay within the Blue Circle.

But sometimes, in the heat of combat, all thought of the blue ring will slip out of your mind. This will definitely spell your doom.

If you find yourself outside the blue circle at any time, keep one eye on your health bar and the other on nearby vehicles. Should your health get dangerously low, use health packs. You need a vehicle at all costs if you are far away from the safe zone.

If you are nearby the safe zone then keep both eyes on your health bar and keep running till you reach the safe zone.


The area beyond the blue circle will constantly drain your health. This effect is higher in later stages of the game when the play area is smaller. You can afford to be outside the play area at the start of the game.

But in the late game period, the blue circle is unforgiving and can drain out all your health in a matter of moments. Always make sure that you are within the blue circle.

The Blue Circle is not always parallel to the white circle. Usually it is off-centre. This means that the circle has more area to cover on one side than the other. Therefore, the circle will inevitably move slowly where it is closest to the white circle and fastest at the place where it is farthest from the white circle.

A vehicle is almost always your best bet to escape the Blue Circle.

Be watchful of the blue circle. There is nothing more disappointing than having an amazing game where you are in good touch only to get killed outside the blue circle because you were careless.

9. The End Game: Where is everybody?

They are all hiding of course. Everybody wants some of that chicken dinner.

Once you reach a stage where there are only 10 players left in the game you will find it very difficult to locate them. Your best bet in this situation would be to always stay within the blue circle and run from cover to cover.

If there is no cover, then go prone. This is the one time when lying in the grass is actually good strategy.

Keep a keen eye to spot any movement. You yourself have to remain as still as possible since the other players are also keeping an eye out for movement.

Keep your ears open. Any rustling sound you will hear is probably someone lurking in the grass

You could also hide in a bush to keep yourself concealed while having a better view of the play area.

Another good strategy, if you are lying down, is to toss a grenade once the play area is really small. By sheer chance, you may end up killing an enemy. Or two if you are lucky.

If there are only 3 players left (you + 2 others) then it would be wise to not engage a player even if you see one. It is highly advised that you wait for the other two players to engage themselves in combat. This way you will have locations for both the players.

Assuming one of them killed the other, you now only have one more to deal with. Just make sure that you are within the circle and concealed at all times.

10. Get into Fights: Practice makes perfect – PUBG Combat Tips

PUBG guide for noobsIt is understandable that you always want to reach the end of the game in a round of PUBG. And as such, you would be sneakier than gung-ho in your approach.

Although this is an admirable strategy, I urge that if you are an absolute beginner then you jump in moderately crowded areas and get into gunfights. There is no better way to understand the game mechanics.

It will be tough. You will die. A lot. But you will also learn.

Getting those early kills in the game will get you into the rhythm of managing the recoil of your gun. It will get you into the habit of aiming for the head. It will get you prepared to take down moving targets.

All in all, dying a few times is worth it if you are going to learn a lot about the game.

As frustrating as it may be to die quickly in a round of Battlegrounds, keep in mind that all of these are learning experiences. Soon enough, you will be the one doing all the killing.

Bonus Tips for PUBG Mobile Beginners

  • Keep more than a couple of scopes for different situations. Try using a combination of 2x, 4x, and 6x scopes if you can find them all. You will be more equipped to deal with any kind of range if you have these scopes.
  • Amazingly enough, running without shoes makes you a little bit quieter. Try this one out.
  • Always use headphones while playing PUBG. Vocal alert of footsteps gives you an extra second to prepare for battle as the visual footsteps on the map only materialize when the enemy is really close.
  • Use silencers to conceal gunshot sound. In short range, this is not that impressive. But at long range, your target will have no idea where the gunshot is coming from. Watch them spin around in confusion as you pick them off.
  • When being shot at, zig-zag your way to cover.
  • Beware of where you take cover. Trees might seem like a good idea at first. But they leave you exposed in three sides. Also, it is difficult to make sure that you are completely concealed.
  • If you are in a house and you see footsteps nearby, 9 times out of 10 they are coming into the house. In this situation position yourself behind the door and once it has been opened simply spray down at your enemy.
  • Always pick up grenades whenever you find them. Grenades are best to clear houses or get to enemies that are hiding behind corners.
  • Most doors in the game are destructible. Shoot down the door of the cabin in which your opponent in hiding and expose him to your gunfire.
  • You can disable vehicles by shooting the tires out. This will leave the vehicle borderline useless.

These tips should have the PUBG beginner covered for most situations. Once you have mastered these you can check out some Advanced PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks.

Master these basic PUBG techniques and strategies and you will be on your way to more and more top 10 finishes. With the help of these PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners, rack up that kill count, rise up the levels and get down to cooking some chicken. These tips are not exactly big secrets, but just a simple guide to the most basic things to keep in mind when you are on the island.


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